Dwarrowsgame Wiki

Achievements found in Dwarrows.

List of Achievements[]

Ach quests


Name Description More Info
Settled In Finish the tutorial.
The Watcher Complete the Trials.
The True Magical Stone Was Friendship Help Promet
Though Thoroughly Thought Through Help Professor Archy achieve liftoff.
I Do Believe In Spooks Complete The Trials In The Pines.
Having A Blast Help Vivace and Chip get out from between a rock and a hard place.
Party Crasher Bring Mac home from his... travels.
Is It Hot In Here? Complete The Trials By The River Fire.
It Was This Big Help Clyde get a snack.
Graveyard Janitor Clean all of the graves. Link
Crossing Help a family lost in the woods.
Goodbye Listen to an old man's story.
Quis Custodiet Ipsos Custodes? Complete The Archives
The Last Laugh Be Finished with an anoying prankster
The Champ Finish all of the Blue Sparks' races.
Ach sprites


Name Description More Info
Spirit Guide Catch a Spirit Sprite.
Spirit Catcher Catch 20 Spirit Sprites total.
Spirit Wrangler Catch 80 Spirit Sprites total.
Spirit Buster Catch 160 Spirit Sprites total.
Ach gold possess


Name Description More Info
Slips Have 500 gold in your possession.
Strips Have 2,500 gold in your possession.
Bars Have 25,000 gold in your possession.
Ach wood possess


Name Description More Info
Twigs Have 500 wood in your possession.
Sticks Have 2,500 wood in your possession.
Logs Have 25,000 wood in your possession.
Ach stone possess


Name Description More Info
Pebbles Have 500 stone in your possession.
Rocks Have 2,500 stone in your possession.
Boulders Have 25,000 stone in your possession.
Ach crown possess


Name Description More Info
Piggy Bank Have 500 crowns in your possession.
Life Savings Have 1000 crowns in your possession.
Offshore Accounts Have 5000 crowns in your possession.
Ach resources combined

Combined Resources[]

Name Description More Info
Gatherer Pick up a combined total of 10,000 resources.
Provider Pick up a combined total of 100,000 resources.
Producer Pick up a combined total of 1,000,000 resources.
Ach explore


Name Description More Info
New Lands Visit Dusken Woodlands.
A Dark, Haunted Forest - Perfectly Safe! Visit Virgil Pines.
Go Ask Alice Visit Mushroom Grove.
Crystals = Magic Visit Quartz Lake.
A Sticky Situation Visit Mucktock Swamp.
Ancient Ruins Must Contain Treasure Discover all 34 puzzle ruins.
Networking Discover all of the Friendship Stones.
Going The Distance
There's No Fall Damage
Ach artifacts


Name Description More Info
Kid Playing In A Sandbox Find an Artifact.
Antique Collector Find 10 of the Artifacts.
Archaeologist Find all 23 of the Artifacts.
Ach crown tax


Name Description More Info
Minimum Wage Earn 25 crowns in one tax cycle.
Salary Earn 100 crowns in one tax cycle.
One Percenter Earn 500 crowns in one tax cycle.
Ach structures


Name Description More Info
Sheltered Build a Pet Center. Now you can befriend animals.
Expansionist Expand your town's borders.
Ruler and Pencil Unlock 10 town structures.
Compass and Protractor Unlock 20 town structures.
Blueprints Unlock all 40 town structures.
2-Stars! Receive a Town Rating of 2-Stars.
3-Stars! Receive a Town Rating of 3-Stars.
4-Stars! Receive a Town Rating of 4-Stars.
5-Stars! Receive a Town Rating of 5-Stars.
Ach pets


Name Description More Info
Animal Friend Befriend your first animal.
What's up? Befriend a bunny.
Oh, Bother Befriend a bear.
Like A Princess Befriend a bluebird.
Alpha Befriend a wolf.
Quack Befriend a duck.
Oh, Canada! Befriend a beaver.
Purrfect Befriend a cat.
Time Travellers Beware Befriend a kaleidoscope of butterflies.
Evil Incarnate Befriend a swarm of wasps.
Crossed A Road Befriend a chicken.
Mud Bath Befriend a pig.
Mythical Befriend a dragon.