Dwarrowsgame Wiki

Artifacts are special items found in Dwarrows.


Artifacts come in sets of 1-3 items, which can be found by exploring, completing quests and trials, or trading with Collectors. Completing a set unlocks a structure for use in town.



Unlocks: Small Garden

Item How to Get
Mirror Reward for completing the Purgatory quest in Vigil Pines
Paintbrush Reward for completing The Trial in the Pines
Vase Found in a wooden hut near The Frantic Torchlighter puzzle


Unlocks: Mayor's Office

Item How to Get
Bottle Reward for completing the The Lonely Titan quest
Pipe Reward for completing the Late to the Party quest


Unlocks: Puppet Show

Item How to Get
Child's Toy Reward for completing The Trials


Unlocks: Community Fountain

Item How to Get
Cooking Pot Found in a wooden hut in the South-West corner of Duskenvale near The Cluttered Storehouse puzzle
Kettle Reward for completing The Trials by the River of Fire
Old Blanket Found in Chip's Man Cave after completing the quest Between a Rock and Other Rocks


Unlocks: Blackpowder Merchant

Item How to Get
Gear Shield Received from the Iggy Nition collector quest
Slingshot Found in a wooden hut on the ledge next to the road leading to Tea River Camp


Unlocks: Alchemy Shack

Item How to Get
Dull Knife Found in a wooden hut west of Hillcrest Village near a tower by the river
Telescope Received from the Ael Kemy collector quest


Unlocks: Spice Merchant

Item How to Get
Crown Received from the Kay Yen collector quest
Painted Skull Found on the ground in Vigil Pines near the giant's skull


Unlocks: Warehouse

Item How to Get
Clay Bowl Found at the top of the windmill in Hillcrest Village
Rusty Bucket Found in a wooden hut atop a hill, South of Hillcrest Village. Walk up the broken wall, and build the missing ladder to reach it.


Unlocks: Scroll Merchant

Item How to Get
Goblet Reward for completing the Mausoleum puzzle
Bell Received from the Manny Scripples collector quest
Hand Drum Found in the Sacred Garden


Unlocks: Town Watch

Item How to Get
Mask Reward for completing The Archives
Shield Reward for completing the Crabbles for a Fish quest
Spear Found atop the tower just North before the Quartz Lake entrance. A button hidden in a nearby pile of leaves will activate a lift to reach the top.