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Crowns is an item found in Dwarrows.

Crowns are primarily generated through taxation of economic activity in the town. The more taxable activity in a town, the more crowns are collected. On a regular interval, taxes will be collected, and the mayor of the town will share a portion of the taxes with the player to be used at their discretion.

Crowns have several distinct uses:

  • They are needed to pay one-time tolls that unlock gates to new areas of the map (these cost 50, 300, and 800 Crowns).
  • They are needed to purchase upgrades to the Dwarf's resource gathering tools (these cost 500 each for the Wood Axe and Pick Axe for the first upgrade, and 1000 for the second upgrade).
  • They allow for the purchase of items from various merchants.

Increasing the Crown Cap

Initially, the player has a crown limit of 500 at any one time. Unlike with Gold, Stone, or Wood, the Crown limit does not increase when the player expands their settlements or builds warehouses or tames pets.

This poses a challenge for progress, since one toll gate requires 800 crowns, and two of the Dwarf's upgrades requite 1000 crowns. To increase the crown limit, the player must build the Bank, which in turn requires unlocking the Warehouse, which requires completing an artifact set.