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Dwilben is a playable character found in Dwarrows.


Dwilben is a very old and very simple Dwarf whose role in the mission is to gather the natural resources needed to help the wood-elves build a new colony. Dwarves live for centuries and in his first, at the age of 42, Dwilben went on a journey that is now a well known folklore of the Red Bearded Gatherer.

Children are told the story of Red-beard, a miner and lumberjack who loved his work so much that when he had built himself a home and mined enough gold to keep him wealthy for the rest of his days, he found himself unfulled so he continued to mine and lumber and leave stockpiles of wood and stone wherever he went. Each time enough for a small family to settle on the land and so he began to leave prosperity and development in his path. The legend is that his once wild homeland became settled along a road built from the very path he took on his journey.

Some centuries later, he became one of the founding members of the Royal Company of Colonizers.


  • Wood Axe: Cuts down trees to collect Wood
  • Pick Axe: Mines Gold and Stone
  • Kegnade: Carries large explosives to open blocked or hidden passageways (Unlocked later in the game.)
  • Torch: Lights up environments and can be used to set fire to things (Unlocked near the start of The Lonely Titan quest)