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Gloia is a playable character in Dwarrows.


Gloia is a scrappy and resourceful engineer and architect who's role in the mission is to assist the wood-elves by designing and building town structures. Belonging to the race of Gnomes, Gloia grew up learning the ways of the mechanic and builder. When she came of age, she took her training to the next level by becoming an apprentice to the world renowned master architect Sir Swank L. Bright. She is now employed by the Royal Company of Colonizers as a Master Architect herself. She has faithfully helped build many colonies under the order of the Queen.


  • Build Hammer: Repairs and builds objects, smashes pots and vases
  • Blueprint Design: Designs new town Structure blueprints
  • Shield: Blocks projectiles and falling debris (Unlocked later in the game)
  • Torch: Lights up environments and can be used to set fire to things (Unlocked near the start of The Lonely Titan quest)