Dwarrowsgame Wiki

The three heroes of Dwarrows have a variety of stats and abilities at their disposal for interacting with the game world and solving challenges.


There are 6 stats in the Hero tab.

Agility Increases the tool swing speed of a character. Eg. Dwilben's Wood-chop animation plays faster
Eyesight Increases the distance that wildlife can be detected on the map, in meters
Stamina The energy used for sprinting (Only Applicable to Horbir)
Run Speed The maximum speed that the character can run without sprint. 1pt = 6cm/s
Luck Improves chances for good things to happen (eg. Jackpots)
Trainer Level The current pet training level (shared level by all player characters)


Each character has a set of unique abilities. Some are passive abilities that are always in play; others involve unique interactions with world items; and others are abilities that can be toggled between during play. The only shared skill is the Torch, once unlocked.

For individual skills for each character, see the individual character's page:


Badges grant additional bonuses to stats or allow for use of special tools. For more information, see the Badges page.