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Horbir is a playable character in Dwarrows.


A Halfling whose role in the mission is to assist the wood-elves in exploring the new land and finding hidden treasures, to help finance the rebuilding of their civilization. Horbir grew up in a peaceful farming village where he longed to see the world and travel. At the age of 15 he ventured to the smoky industrial city Rackit where the adventurous troublemaker began thieving for a living. To the rich he was known as the mysterious thief Soft-Feet, to the poor he was known as Horbir the Kind for his generosity. Through his exploits, he began to foster an appreciation for fine artworks and artifacts, and so he left the city and joined far away archaeological expeditions. There he excelled and flourished and he became famous for his finds.

Though he had left thievery behind him in Rackit, his past eventually caught up with him and he was discovered as the elusive Soft-Feet. The common people loved their Horbir and there was an outrage over his arrest. The Queen herself attended his trial and asked taht rather than go to prison, that he serve his sentence in the service of those in need. The jury ruled that he would travel with the Royal Company of Colonizers to assist the team in exploring and artifact identification. After his sentence was served Horbir decided to stay with the RCC.


  • Treasure-Diviner: Detects hidden treasures
  • Sprinting: Uses Stamina to temporarily run faster and jump further
  • Climbing: Allows Horbir to climb certain surfaces other characters cannot (It's not clear which surfaces this applies to, as the Gnome can also climb some surfaces, such as ladders, while the Dwarf can't climb anything at all)
  • Torch: Lights up environments and can be used to set fire to things (Unlocked near the start of The Lonely Titan quest)