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It's Just A Prank is a quest found in Dwarrows.

Quest Structure

  1. The quest begins when the player meets The Prankster. The Prankster exists at three locations, and the player can encounter them in any order. The locations, in broad terms, are:
    1. In a treasure chest at the top of a tower. The tower can only be accessed by revealing a hidden button under a nearby pile of leaves.
    2. In a tree with an animated, moving texture along its trunk. The tree must be cut down by the Dwarf.
    3. Face-down in a puddle, begging for help. The player must go along with the Prankster's demands until they reveal themselves.
  2. Once the player has met the Prankster in all three locations, the Prankster mentions something about other higher powers not appreciating mortals being messed with too much, and rewards the player with a Soul Quartz.

Tips (Spoilers)

The approximate location of The Prankster's three appearances are documented in this map.

Approximate locations of the Prankster's appearances.