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Jackalope is a pet found in Dwarrows. It is the only pet (as of v1.1) that actively loses interest at a fast rate, without taking any actions. That is, once encountered, the Jackalope's interest bar begins decreasing at about 1.5% per second. The best way, it seems, to befriend it is to continuously feed it carrots and if its interest gets too low, below 9%, to whistle and get its attention at the cost of two trust values.

Ability Description Following
Run Speed Boost Run faster! +X All
Agility Increase Increases action speed +X. All
Jump Heigh Each badge increases your jump velocity by 1%, for a total of +X%. All
Stamina Boost Increases maximum stamina. Halfling
Stamina Rate Boost Increases running speed limit by +X. Halfling