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Last Witness is a quest found in Dwarrows.

Ebner is an old Goblin who has stories to tell about his life. After each story, he'll recite a poem, giving a hint of where he'll be next. There are multiple locations, ending in Mucktock Swamp.

  1. Founders Road - Quest start
    1. Near the abandoned hut on the hill in Founders Road
    2. Chest: 1x Soul Quartz
  2. Sacred Garden
    1. Near the tree, opposite the large stone
    2. Chest: 1x Soul Quartz
  3. Mushroom Grove
    1. West of Promet's right hand, follow the wall, then go south a little bit, on to the ledge with the short path, overlooking the Grove and maze
    2. Chest: 1x Soul Quartz
  4. Mucktock Swamp
    1. At the Northern end of the swamp
    2. Chest: 1x Soul Quartz


Sitting among the hedges with bright blossom
Longing to feel her lost embrace
A curious etched stone does sit across him
All he sees is her sacred face
Past the Stone Man's right hand
An old, hidden stone path winds
Top of the hill lay woodland Of his past, it still reminds
In the swamp of muck and rubble
Reached from the stones of friends
At the far end, a lone hovel
You'll find where his path ends
The candle burns out
Yet we see in the dark night
That even without
The ones it lit will burn bright