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Late To The Party is a quest found in Dwarrows, which can be started by speaking to Mave Cornerstone or Ledia Cornerstone in Fairwillow Village.

It is this quest that unlocks the Pipe artifact.

Quest Structure

After speaking with Ledia and Mave, you will be tasked with tracking down and bringing home Mac.

  1. The last place Mac was seen was in Hillcrest Village. He won't be at this location, but there will be several people there who will tell you where to look next.
  2. A character named Genni in the Hillcrest market will mention that Mac was headed for Breezy River Farm and was talking about Chickens.
  3. In Breezy River Farm you'll find two people near the chicken coup in front of the farmhouse. One of these people will tell you about the next location.
  4. In an abandoned cabin in Vigil Pines you'll find a group of partying Nabo hanging out. Speak to them for the next place to go.
  5. The last place will be in Tea River Camp not far from the entrance. A group of dancing characters will be surrounding the headbanging Mac. Talk to him.
  6. Finally head back to Fairwillow Village to speak again with Mave Cornerstone or Ledia Cornerstone for the reward.