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This page is meant for raw patch note dumps from Steam or wherever. Update accordingly, I don't know how to do it with webhooks or whatever.


Hey everyone!

We have an exciting update for you all with some fun changes and new features! The main theme of this update: PETS!

NEW PET TRAINING MINI-GAME As the many tutorial videos and guides have made clear, the original Pet Training game was tricky to explain and didn't quite achieve its purpose in the game, so we've completely overhauled it! This mini-game makeover follows the same principles of gaining the animal's Trust, but with a shiny new look and feel that's easier to learn and fun to play.

NEW PETS & BADGES How is it even legal to have shipped this game without DOGS?! That's right, Dwarrows now has dogs and puppies, several breeds to choose from! We didn't want the dogs getting bored, so we thought we'd give them something to chase: Squirrels of course!

These new pets carry with them the secret to keeping the interest of animals and gaining their trust.

PETS ACCESSORIES Lastly in the realm of pets we have added pet accessories. Gone are the tragic days of not-being-able-to-put-a-monocle-on-a-bird. That sad era is over. Hats, glasses, moustaches! Lots of silly aesthetic items to give your pets personality and throw your crowns at. Find these items at your General Merchant in town.

IMPROVED CONTROLLER SUPPORT This may not be for everyone, but it's an important part of the fun for those who prefer to use gamepads. We have done a reworking of our controller support and I think controller users will be pleased! A majority of our UI has been changed to treat gamepads as a first-class control scheme wherever possible, meaning it will no longer be treated like a mouse on menus that could support this change.

ENJOY! We have also made a ton of little quality of life and bug fixes which, there is a lot of, so I'll leave you to the patch notes below if you want to read about it! Thank you as always for being our amazing supporters and players. We hope you like the new update and features.

Cheers, The Lithic Team

Release Notes NEW NEW PET: Dogs and Puppies! Several varieties of dogs and puppies can now be found throughout the land :D NEW PET: Squirrels! Find and befriend a variety of these adorable little rodents to help you in your travels! New Badges: Intriguing and Trustworthy. These badges increase your starting interest and trust when charming new pets. New: Pet Accessories! Hats, glasses, and facial hair for your animals! Fashion Accessories for pets are now sold at the Merchant in the Dusken Keep. Merchant inventory is refreshed daily (as in: real-life time). New: Pet Charming mini-game. We've reworked the whole mini-game to be a lot more intuitive and, hopefully, fun! (*more details below). New: PROPER GAMEPAD SUPPORT in menus! Gamepad navigation no longer behaves as a mouse and instead snaps to buttons and important UI elements.

NEW PET TAMING MINI-GAME Overhauled the Pet Taming mini-game. The game has been reworked to be simpler to learn and balanced to be faster paced. Changed Timed Hits during pet taming minigame into a separate stage of the minigame. You'll now be able to take your time and time your 'hits' more accurately. Pet taming Timed Hits are now affected by the game speed option. Fixed 'Give Item' during pet taming to properly work with timed hits. Added a new celebration/information screen when a pet has been charmed.

CHANGES AND IMPROVEMENTS Smashable pots will now respawn when loading a game. Breaking things is fun, why not keep them around? (Bonus: Saves memory and slightly improves save/load speeds). Improved smashable pots to better handle explosions - and by better handle I mean they break more reliably and satisfyingly. Added hotkeys for Structure design table slots. Designing should require less back-and-forth mouse movement. Reduced the number of recycled auto-save games from 20 to 10 (this will not delete existing auto-save games). New look to the Compass - easier to read with cleaner font

PERFORMANCE Fixed a bug that would cause severe slowdowns when the exit confirmation prompt was visible. Reduced amount of data being saved, reducing how long it takes to save and how much harddrive space is needed. Significantly improved performance for some older hardware. In testing, a computer with an average of 15fps now averages 32fps. Note: This is not likely to be a noticeable improvement for modern hardware.

FIXES Fixed an issue where clicking 'yes' on a confirmation prompt could complete the action more than once (eg. Agreeing to Discard an item, could accidentally discard 3 of that same item). Fixed memory leak caused by orphaned pet badges when equipping pets. Disabled Gravity on smashable pots. This fixes an issue where Smashable urns in dungeons would sometimes be thrown around when entering the level. Fixed the mini-boss music sometimes not going away after leaving the scarecrow's hilltop near Breezy River Farm

SMALL THINGS Fixed all bird pets from unlocking the Bluebird only achievement. Fixed typo in wood axe upgrade ('tress' instead of 'trees'). Renamed some actions in Pet Taming. Fixed several gamepad issues that would cause the game and UI to suddenly revert to the mouse and keyboard mode. Fixed the "Back" button on the map to be above the border. Added outline to some fonts to make them easier to read. Fixed several badge icons looking far too bright.

Nvidia GeForce Now Update

Hey everyone,

We're happy to announce that Dwarrows is newly available to play on NVIDIA GeForce NOW! If you own Dwarrows on Steam, you can search for it and play it on GFN :steamhappy:


What is GeForce NOW? If you don't know what GeForce NOW is, it's a cloud gaming service that allows you to play the games you've purchased on supported stores (eg. Steam), through their computers over the internet.

What this means is if your computer struggles to run some of your games or you want to play them on your non-gaming device, if they're available on GFN, you'll be able to play them without needing to upgrade, and without needing to even install the game.

You can play PC games on devices that weren't meant to play them, so long as they have a good internet connection and can play HD video, your non-gaming devices could play games. [Even your phone if you want to give that a try, there's a GFN app!]

How much is this service? There is currently a completely free tier if you'd like to give it a try, though NVIDIA's paid tier has priority service, so you might end up in a queue to play for free.

Will I need to restart with a new game to play on GFN? No! So long as Cloud saving is enabled and your save game is stored on Steam's Cloud, playing Dwarrows on GeForce NOW should continue from your current save.