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Read this: Version 1.4 introduced new pets and a new taming system. Please keep in mind that the following text is now considered legacy, where noted, and needs updating as of Sept. 14, 2020.

Animals in Dwarrows can be befriended as pets that provide a variety of bonuses depending on which character they are following.

Befriending - New in 1.4[]

When a tameable creature is encountered, a timing-based minigame is initiated. This looks like:

20200914002321 1

The following options have these outcomes:

Option Trust Interest
Act Silly +++++ --
Tussle Head ++ +
Feed Affected by food choice Affected by food choice
Kissy Noise +++ -
Whistle ++
Hug ++++ +
Ear Scratch + +
Pet +

Following choices outside of, "Feed," is a screen where three stars wax and wane is shown, signifying the potency of the choice. Clicking, or otherwise accepting, at the correct timing affects the results of the chosen action. The following table outlines the stars and their respective multiplier values toward the action's positive values. Zero stars seems to default to one.

Star Description Multiplier
0 Okay 1.25
1 Okay 1.25
2 Good! 1.50
2 Perfect! 2.00


As of Dwarrows version 1.4, pets have three cosmetic slots: glasses, hat, and mustache.

Find these items at your General Merchant in town.

Befriending - Legacy[]

Befriending pets requires players to play a type of turn-based mini-game. Two flags move to the right across a bar at the bottom of the screen, representing the player's turn and the animal's turn; once a flag reaches the right, that character takes an action. Player actions are aimed at either keeping the animal's Interest or earning its Trust, and are covered in greater detail below; animal actions usually involve becoming startled (losing Trust and a small amount of Interest) or distracted (losing Interest), though sometimes they will become curious (gain Interest). Once the player selects their action, their green turn flag will very rapidly progress over a set of three starts at the right end of the bar.

If the player clicks anywhere on the screen with the Left Mouse Button at the exact moment their green flag passes over the second of three stars, their action will gain a x1.5 "Good" multiplier, which makes gaining Interest or Trust easier. If they click exactly over the third of three stars, they gain a x2.0 "Perfect" multiplier, which aids in befriending even more. It is not strictly necessary to click for bonus points; mathematically, it is possible to befriend same-level animals without clicking at all.

Higher Interest scores multiply the amount of Trust earned by trust actions. Because high Interest multiplies attempts to increase Trust, and because animal actions (the blue flag) decrease Trust much more severely than they decrease Interest, it is advisable to reach high or maximum Interest before trying to increase Trust at all.

Higher-level pets are harder to befriend, but the player can improve their timing in the clicking mini-game or level up their heroes' "Trainer Skill" to befriend higher-level pets. Trainer Skill is shared across all characters collectively, and is increased by gaining XP, which in turn is gained by successfully befriending animals (whether or not they are kept as pets afterwards).

The effectiveness of any of the actions listed below is affected by the relationship between the player's Trainer Skill and the animal's level. When trying to tame an animal of Level 4, a player with Level 1 Training Skill will find their actions have very little effect, while a player with Level 8 Training Skill will find their actions hugely effective, even if both players are using the exact same actions. It is therefore very helpful to increase one's Trainer Skill by befriending lower-level animals first.

Action Trust Interest
Get Attention
Whistle No effect. Increased by 1.
Kissy Noise Reduced by 1. Increased by 2.
Act Silly Reduced by 2. Increased by 4.
Pet Increased by 1. No effect.
Ear Scratch Increased by 2. Increased by 1.
Tussle Head Increased by 3. Increased by 1.
Hug Increased by 4. Increased by 1.

Anecdotally, the timing for, "Perfect" is about 0.545 seconds after clicking your action. This varies on whether the game is lagging or not.


Each character can have 1 or more pets giving them bonuses at a time, depending on their skill level or any boons that boost their maximum pet slots. Equipping a pet grants a different boon depending on which character they are following, that helps improve that characters abilities or make their jobs easier.

Pet List[]





Name (WIP) Level (WIP) Food (WIP) Perks (WIP) Locations (WIP)
Bunny 1 Carrot Run Speed Boost
Stamina Boost
Jackrabbit 4 Carrot Run Speed Boost East of Hillcrest Village, between the two towers
White Rabbit Carrot Run Speed Boost North Forest of Breezy River Farm
Black Bear Cub 2 Food Storage
Stone Storage
Gold Storage
South of Dusken Keep
Black Bear 3 Forarging
Food Storage
Stone Storage
Gold Storage
South of Dusken Keep
Wolf 4 Fish Improved Vision
Pack Leader
Kegnade Test Site
Wolf Pug 2 Fish Improved Vision Kegnade Test Site
Duckling 1 Forarging
Food Storage
Hillcrest Village
Duck 3 Crop Yield Time Reduction
Food Storage
Currency Interest Boost
Hillcrest Village

Ability List[]

Ability Description Found on Notes