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Purgatory is a quest found in Dwarrows, which can be found in the Vigil Pines area.

Quest Structure

  1. The quest begins when the player burns away the vines on any vine-covered tombstone in Vigil Pines.
    1. This requires players have access to the Torch skill, which requires at least beginning The Lonely Titan quest.
  2. A ghost appears, explaining to the player that the unnatural vines are consuming the spiritual energy of the dead, and begging the player to help. The player is asked to burn away the vines ensnaring all 36 tombstones in the Vigil Pines area.
  3. Once all 36 tombstones have been cleared, another ghost appears, thanking the player and rewarding them with the Mirror Artifact.


Vigil Pines has a number of candles scattered around the zone. These candles can be lit using torches and will remain permanently on fire.

Lighting these candles provides the player with a nearby source of fire to return to when their torches inevitably burn out.