Puzzles are found throughout Dwarrows. Solving them rewards you with various treasure, including crafting materials and buffs. There are 42 in total.

Puzzle List

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  • Dusken Woodlands Puzzles
    • The Trials
    • The Frantic Tochlighter
    • The Fourth Button
    • The Cluttered Storehouse
    • The Starcrossed Escape
    • The Clever Wall
    • The Photonic Redirector
    • The Hastening Interlock
    • Treasure Chamber
  • Vigil Pines Puzzles
    • The Trial in the Pines
    • Mausoleum
    • The Spectral Aperture
    • The Blocked Path
    • The Intercepted Bubble
    • The Playful Poltergeist
    • The Distorted Geometry
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  • etc...

Possible Rewards

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