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The Lonely Titan is a quest found in Dwarrows, which can be started by speaking to Promet, after being directed to find Promet by Wat.

It is this quest that unlocks the Heroes' Torch ability.

Quest Structure

  1. After completing the first Trial, Wat directs the player to find Promet.
    1. Promet is a large stone titan face with a pair of stone hands who lives in a waterfall in the northwestern part of the map. To initiate conversation with him, the player must jump across a set of rocks in the middle of a river.
  2. If the player finds Promet with the Dwarf or the Halfling, the titan asks the player whether they have a friend who is handy with building things.
  3. The player must bring the Gnome to Promet, at which point Promet explains his quarrel with a huge black bird in the area, and asks the Gnome to build something to distract the bird and recover a gem that belonged to Promet. He suggests the players may find items they need in a ruin northeast of the waterfalls.
    1. This is also the point at which Promet grants all three Heroes the Torch skill.
  4. The player must collect a series of parts from the Water Treatment ruins. The puzzles in the ruins force the player to utilize the Torch skill extensively, as well as to use carefully timed platforming.
  5. Once all the parts are collected, the Gnome must be brought to a large nest on a plateau next to the tower where the great black bird is resting, just southwest of Hillcrest Village, where they will construct a fake giant bird to distract the real bird from the gem.
  6. Once the large bird is distracted, the gem in the tower is automatically recovered, and the player is returned to Promet, who thanks the player and gives them a Soul Quartz as a reward.


The Water Treatment puzzles can be a bit frustrating, especially since the torches are extinguished rather quickly, and some of the jumping puzzles, combined with the short lifespan of torches and the need to switch between characters, can prove highly error-prone.

A detailed guide on solving these puzzles could be helpful. If you can write one, please consider contributing.