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Managing your Town is an important aspect of Dwarrows. When starting a new game, you have the opportunity to choose a name for your town.


The Queen of the Commonwealth was able to secure some land for the new settlement, but the space is limited. Strategically use this space to build structures that will maintain your town and unlock new abilities.


  • Build markets to better the economy and add to your town's resource capacity
  • Build houses to increase population capacity
  • Build farms to feed and maintain your population
  • Build recreational and entertainment structures to keep your townsfolk happy and productive

In order to support more Townsfolk, your town must have enough housing. Better houses will support more people while taking up less space and improving living conditions for the Wood-Elves.

Your citizens work jobs in the buildings you provide them, but their productivity is affected by their happiness. Keep your citizens balanced and happy by giving them recreational and entertainment structures.


Beginner Town Overview Screenshot

Town Overview Screen


The average of your Culture, Economy, and Quality of Life levels. The goal is to reach Tier 5 (5 stars).


How many citizens you have and your current maximum occupancy (expanded with housing)


Culture of your Town. Increases with structures related to culture.


Economy of your Town. Increases with structures related to economy.

Quality of Life[]

Quality of Life of your Town. Increases with structures related to quality of life.


Displays the amount of wood, stone, gold, and crowns you have, as well as your interest and production rates for them once you unlock those structures.


Displays your current Crowns as well as tax rate and how often your citizens are taxed.


Displays how much food you have currently, how much you can store, and how fast your citizens are eating it.


Related to Pets.


Your completion of the various Puzzles and Trials.


See the Townsfolk page for more information.