Dwarrowsgame Wiki

Townsfolk in Dwarrows are what makes your town work.

Finding Townsfolk[]

The player can find Wood-Elves camping in the woods in groups of 1-8 and ask if they would like to move into the town. If there are not enough homes for all of the Wood-Elves to live in in town, they will refuse to join and can be asked again when there is more housing available.


Townsfolk have needs that must be met for them to be happy. Their various needs are influenced by their current activity and the quality of the structure that activity is taking place in.

Need Increase Decrease
Energy ??? ???
Comfort ??? ???
Hunger ??? ???
Fun Watching a Puppet Show Working


Townsfolk happiness is measured by an average of their needs. A citizen can be happy, neutral, or unhappy, depending on which threshold the average of the needs has crossed. This influences Productivity.

If a citizen is unhappy, there is a chance they will permanently leave the town.


When townsfolk are working, the levels of their needs and their happiness levels influence how productive a worker is which can influence how much food or currency is earned. Workers with lower productivity will produce less than workers at max productivity.