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Trials are puzzles in the form of dungeons found in Dwarrows. There are 4 in total.

The Trials[]

The very first dungeon you will encounter. It is located in the Duskenvale area, near a transportation stone.

Trials in the Pines[]

The second dungeon you will encounter. It is located in the Vigil Pines area, near the Deep Woods transportation stone.

Completing this Trial is necessary to unlock the Dwarf's Kegnade ability.

Hints (Spoilers)[]

The chalk sun symbols indicate that you can use lit torches to reveal hidden passages.

In the room with 4 wells, you need to jump into the wells in a specific order in order to reach the end. The order is indicated by which wells have roots growing behind them. When counting the wells from left to right, the player must jump into the second, then the fourth, then the first, and finally the third well.

At the very end of the trial, the Gnome must use her Building Hammer to repair the altar before Wat can appear.

Trials by the River of Fire[]

The third dungeon you will encounter. It is accessed by using the Dwarf to place a Kegnade in a broken, square door in the western wall of the Dusken Woodlands.

This trial is heavy on Kegnade use. It is recommended to destroy every cracked object possible to get all the sigils.

In this Trial, there are humanoid statues in many key places. If they appear cracked, they can and should be destroyed with Kegnades!

Hints (Spoilers)[]

In the initial room, the cracked statues must be cleared with explosives.

In the second room, remember that vases that can't be destroyed with hammers or axes can be lit up with torches.

In the third room, there's a large cracked block that can't be destroyed if a Kegnade is placed too close to, or inside, it. The Kegnade must be placed clearly outside the block. This may be a bug.

In the lava puzzle room after the key door, remember that cracked statues can be destroyed with Kegnades. A pair of statues on a platform moving up and down, for example, needs to be destroyed this way.

The Archives[]

This is final dungeon you will encounter in the game. It takes place in a strange portal found in a tower in Quartz Lake.