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Hello! Dwarrows is the only real, as of version 1.4, peaceful game where there's no violence, hatred or other... well, let me go on a tangent. Games today are focused on evocative content. Be it murder, destruction, theft, or other forms of violence. That's not cool. On the other end of the spectrum, we have intensely resource-heavy, micromanagement games where you have to keep track of every minute detail tied to everything.

Both of these types of, "entertainment," are draining. They're heavy, they're boring, they force you to grind forever, in some cases, for mundane nonsense rewards. They are designed to hit your visceral, violent or completionist agendas.

Dwarrows, and this section is only written for this specific Wiki, isn't like that. It is a release from that horrid, ugly world where anger and mundane concepts rule people's lives.

Dwarrows is straightforward, it is peaceful, and it is an experience in a world where ugliness does not exist as the forthright storytelling point.

It is a bastion of peace among a sea of dirt and grime, and it is, as of Sept. 14, 2020, the only game of its kind in the market. There's no violence, there's no anger, there's no hatred. There's no grinding or tedious resource management systems.

Dwarrows is unique and it welcomes all. Give it a a go.

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